Stepping into an adviser position can be an intimidating prospect, but when the chapter or council needs a little TLC, the job can be downright overwhelming. Maybe there are staff members who tried, failed, and may be resentful if you are successful. Everyone has an opinion, but no one else […]

Five Steps to Revitalizing A Dormant Chapter

This video is a compliment to my final research paper for Patricia DeMarco’s Vengeance class during the summer 2017 Bread Loaf School of English session. My jumping off point was Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus and I was thinking about how the consumption of food, or cannibalism, as a form of vengeance, […]

Vengeance, Served Your Way

Leadership is not simply a thing you do based on a checklist. Leadership is more like a lifestyle—a way of living that begins with a positive frame of mind. The greatest leaders are those who inspire others to become great leaders themselves. So, how do we foster an environment for […]

Fostering Lifelong Leadership

I’m the creative type who starts throwing ideas around until one of them strikes a nerve and I can move forward with it. To most type-A folks it seems like I’m not doing much on the project, and maybe they think I’m procrastinating. I might skip a few beginning steps. […]

Stick Figure Mock-ups

The old fashioned alphabetic writing practice is quickly finding new life in non-alphabetic form. There is a shift happening in this moment. Teachers are learning how to diversify their lessons using a number of means and students are running away with new skills. Never fear English gurus, we’ll never get […]

Writing Wars: Episode ABC